Sunday School



We are looking forward to a great year in Sunday School with your children and our wonderful teachers.

Our Sunday School welcomes children of all ages from Pre-K to High School. One of the places where children learn about our Greek Orthodox faith from a group of dedicated individuals who look forward to seeing them each week. The teachers use many resources including our church, Father Panagiotis’ guidance, and interactive tools all in the effort to bring our religion to life.

  • Divine Liturgy begins at 10:00AM and we ask that the children sit in the pews on the left side which allows them to listen to the Holy Gospel reading, receive Holy Communion and then attend Sunday School.
  • Father will attempt to offer communion to the children first, so they may get to their respective classes quicker. **Please remind your children to state their name clearly so Father Panayiotis can repeat it while giving them the sacrament of Holy Communion. After receiving they should do their cross. **
  • Your child’s grade/class is the same as their grade/class in public/private school. Registration fees are $30.00 per student. Registration begins in September and runs thru October.
  • Children’s Stewardship Program involves the children so that they can begin to understand and learn the importance of giving to their Church. We provide the envelopes, which will be collected in their classrooms each Sunday.
  • Our first Fundraiser will be distributed at registration called Mixedbag Designs to help us raise money for the various Sunday School expenses. This will help you with shopping for those fall birthdays, hostess gifts for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The fundraiser ends October 29th.
  • Class Picture Day will be on October 29th!
  • Graduation certificates will be given to all students who have attended Sunday School most of the year. If your child is absent and has attended another parish for liturgy or another religious ceremony, please let their teacher know.
  • We kindly ask that you please send in a box of non-perishable cookies (no peanut products please) that can be brought to class with your child. This contribution makes our Church Coffee Hour possible. Thank you!

Thank you for your dedication to our program since we strive to support what you as parents teach
your children. Together we will help them grow into responsible young adults with their
Greek Orthodox faith to help guide them through life. We look forward to a wonderful year with your children.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to see any of the following directors:

Nikie Sourlis (732) 747-2196, Joyce Magriples (732) 772-0068
Anna Zamora (908) 715-1722, Nausica Orthodoxou (917) 733-7278


September 10, 2017 Sunday School Registration begins

September 17, 2017 Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Divine Liturgy at Asbury Park Convention Hall

September 24, 2017 Sunday School First Day

October 29, 2017 Mixedbag Designs Fundraiser Due//Picture Day

November 15, 2017 Lent begins for Christmas (Advent Fast)

December 17, 2017 Christmas Pageant

February 19, 2018 Great Lent Begins

February 25, 2018 Sunday of Orthodoxy – Regular classes
Classes will participate in the Icon Procession
March 11, 2018 Sunday of the Holy Cross – Regular Classes   Classes will participate in the Cross Procession

March 31, 2018 Saturday of Lazarus – A Didactic Liturgy Service/Communion Breakfast;  Attend Church and help make palm Crosses

April 1, 2018 Palm Sunday

April 8, 2018 Great and Holy Pascha

April 29, 2018 Godparents Sunday

May 20, 2018 Teacher Appreciation

June 3, 2018 Graduation

Nikie Sourlis (732) 747-2196   Joyce Magriples (732) 772-0068     Anna Zamora (732) 495-7872   Nausica Orthodoxou – (917-733-7278)

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