Parade Photos!


The Greek Independence Day Parade in New York City drew a great crowd like it always does.  We have firmly assumed status as a New York City tradition, not just a tribute to the acclaimed historical event,  but also a celebration of rich Hellenic cultural heritage.

Father Panagiotis, and I would like to thank  AHEPA, PTO, Hellenic Dancers, Goya and all the parishioners for their generous donations, who without their help, would not had made our parade participation or  float possible.   In addition, we would like to also thank Mary Ellen for her continued help and support.

This year we were proud to introduce the Kimisis Tis Theotokou float, which was a great achievement.  All our children showed enthusiasm and patriotism during the procession, which energized the crowds and all participating parade members.  It is our goal and wish to continue the tradition in making it more enjoyable each passing year.   Thank you for keeping the tradition alive.  Undertaking this annual event is a hallmark of our local community and we would like to share with you, moments of this occasion. 

With Kind regards

Father Panagiotis Lekkas & Peter Manoussakis