2019 Metropolis of New Jersey

Hellenic Folk Dance Festival

The Metropolis of New Jersey Hellenic Folk Dance Festival (FDF) competition at Annapolis Maryland is being held this year from January 18 – 20, 2019.  Father Panagiotis would like all dancers to attend this conference and Kimisis will be paying all the expenses.  The competition is open to all ages.  We will leave from Holmdel around 6pm on Friday, 1/18/19 and get back around 8pm Sunday, 1/20/19. See this attachment for more information  FDF 2019. If you have any questions, feel free to email Despina Markos at gmarkos@whatsourfuture.com or come to our first practice on 10/11 (all parents are welcome).

The competition consists of 2 dance routines.  One performed on Sat and the other on Sun.  The routines are not going to be complicated and everyone that can come will be dancing.  The rules require the dances to be balanced and authentic.  So the dances will be pretty straight
forward, and thus, relatively easy to learn and perform. Precision, balance, authenticity and attitude are what the judges are looking for, not fancy kicks or acrobatics. With that said, we only have about 10-12 practices, so please try to make as many of them as you can.Practices are going to be on MONDAYS from 8:30-9:30pm, starting Monday, 10/18.  The registration forms are due by 12/15, so I will need to know who can go by the end of November. Last year Holmdel sent 12 youths to the conference and we had a wonderful time.  We would love to get even more to come this year. We both look forward to working with you all and having a wonderful time in Maryland.  This will be our fifth time going to FDF. Hope to see you on Thursdays and that many represent Kimisis this year. Father Panagiotis, George & Despina Markos
EXECUTIVE BOARD 2018-2019: Hailey Drake, President; Noni Theocharides, VP; Demi Kalabakas, Treasurer; Jean Gilbride, Corresponding Secretary; Diana Thermos, Recording Secretary, Sophia Karakoglou and Christianna Simon, Historians.

(L to R) Sophia Karakoglou, Jean Gilbride, Demi Kalambakas, Christianna Simon, Hailey Drake, Noni Theocharides (absent from photo: Diana Thermos)

Sunday 11/4/18

GOYA  Executive Board 2017-2018: Andrew Sideris, Andy Thermos, Delia Noone, Carla Kandalaft, Christian Simon, Michael Gilbride

GOYAJan2018  GOYA 2017 – 2018

GOYA Registration forms 2018

Spiritual Advisor: Father Lekkas

CONTACT: holmdelgoya@yahoo.com

Kimisis Holmdel GOYA Videos


Advisors 2018-2019: 

Advisors, aphabetically:

Katherine Gilbride: ksgilbride1@yahoo.com

Despina Markos: gmarkos@whatsourfuture.com

Jeff Pantelas: gobysea@juno.com

Julie Simon: mjsjgs1994@hotmail.com

Assistant Advisors:

Chrysoula Manoussakis

Rose Sikaras

EXECUTIVE BOARD 2018-2019: Hailey Drake, President; Noni Theocharides, VP; Demi Kalabakas, Treasurer; Jean Gilbride, Corresponding Secretary; Diana Thermos, Recording Secretary, Sophia Karakoglou and Christianna Simon, Historians.

Tentative GOYA Calendar 2018-2019

As of 11/07/18


  • Saturday, September 8th– ACT
  • Sunday, September 9th– GOYA registrations will begin
  • Sunday, September 16th – Holy Cross Day (Asbury Park)
  • Tuesday, September 18th– State meeting
  • Friday, September 21st– Parent and GOYA meeting at 8pm– ice cream social
  • Sunday, September 23rd–GOYA registration
  • Friday, September 28th– NNJYC Harvest Dance (Trenton)
  • Saturday, September 29th– St Basil Academy Walk-A-thon (St Basil Academy)
  • Basketball and volleyball games


  • Saturday, October 6th– SAT
  • Saturday, October 6th– Mr. /Miss GOYA Pageant interviews (Westfield)
  • Sunday, October 7th– Mr. /Miss GOYA Pageant (Pines Manor, Edison)
  • Saturday, October 13th– Liberty Park Retreat
  • Monday, October 15th– State meeting (we are hosting)
  • Saturday, October 27th– ACT
  • Basketball and volleyball games


  • Saturday, November 3rd– SAT
  • Saturday, November 3rd– Bowling Tournament (Fairview)
  • Sunday, November 4th– Youth Sunday (GOYA hosts coffee hour and performs various tasks during church & GOYA president speaks)
  • Sunday, November 11th – Panera Bread Fundraiser
  • Friday, November 16th– GOYA meeting & lock in at 7pm
  • Monday, November 19th– State meeting
  • Basketball and Volleyball games


  • Saturday, December 1st– SAT
  • Friday, December 7th– GOYA Christmas Party/meeting at 8pm
  • Friday, December 7th– Bridges Sandwich Prep/Outreach (Trenton)
  • Saturday, December 8th– Bridges Run (Summit/Newark)
  • Saturday, December 8th– ACT
  • Friday & Saturday, December ? – Christmas caroling fundraiser
  • Monday, December 18th– State meeting
  • Thursday, December 27th– NNJYC Christmas Dance (Asbury Park)


  • Sunday, January 6th – GOYA meeting & executive board swearing in
  • Sunday, January 6th– Vasilopita blessing
  • Friday, January 11th– Bridges Sandwich Prep/Outreach (Paramus)
  • Saturday, January 12th– Bridges Run (Summit/Newark)
  • Friday – Sunday, Jan 19th– 21st– Metropolis of NJ Folk Dance Festival (Annapolis MD)
  • Sunday, January 20th– S&S Registration and Literature are due
  • Tuesday, January 22nd– State meeting
  • Saturday & Sunday, January ? – Play offs, senior


  • Friday, February 1st– GOYA Lock In/Meeting 7:30/Parents
  • Saturday, February ? – Play offs, junior
  • Friday, February 8th– Bridges Sandwich Prep/Outreach (?)
  • Saturday, February 9th– Bridges Run (Summit/Newark)
  • Saturday, February 9th– GOYA prepare Koliva for All Souls Day
  • Saturday, February 9th– ACT
  • Friday, February 15th– Saint Valentine’s Dance (Piscataway)
  • Sunday, February 17th – GOYA meeting
  • Sunday, February 17th– Sights Due
  • Tuesday, February 19th– State meeting
  • Sunday, February ? – GOYA Coffee hour
  • Sunday, February 24th– Sights and Sounds Luncheon


  • Saturday, March 2nd– Sights & Sounds Festival (Westfield)
  • Friday, March 8th– GOYA meeting/GOYA board nominations
  • Saturday, March 9th– Sights & Sounds (Snow Day) (Westfield)
  • Saturday, March 9th– SAT
  • Monday, March 11th– Lent Begins
  • Fri- Sat, March ? – Lenten Retreat (Pittstown)
  • Tuesday, March 19th– State meeting
  • Friday, March 29th– Bridges Sandwich Prep/Outreach (?)
  • Saturday, March 30th– Bridges Run (Summit/Newark)
  • Sunday, March ? – Evangelismos/Greek Independence day (NYC)
  • ? – Olympics Practices will begin


  • Saturday, April 13th– ACT
  • Sunday, April 14th– Olympics Registration Due
  • Tuesday, April 16th– State meeting
  • Friday – Saturday, April 19th– 20th– GOYA Lock In/Meeting/Election
  • Sunday, April 21st– Palm Sunday and Holy week
  • Sunday, April 28th– Pascha
  • Saturday, April ? – Metropolis Oratorical Festival


  • Saturday, May 4th– SAT
  • Saturday, May 4th– Metropolis indoor Olympics (Perth Amboy)
  • Saturday, May 11th– Metropolis Soccer (Good Sport, Wall Township)
  • Saturday, May ? – Archdiocese Oratorical Festival
  • Sunday, May ? – GOYA meeting
  • Friday May ? – Lock in (alternate)
  • Sat-Sun, May 25th– 26th– Metropolis outdoor Olympics (Monmouth University)


  • Saturday, June 1st– SAT
  • Sunday, June ? – GOYA Coffee hour
  • Sunday, June ? – GOYA and Sunday School Graduation
  • Saturday, June 8th– ACT
  • Monday, June 17th– State meeting


  • Sun – Sat, ? – NJ Metropolis Summer Camp, Good Shepherd GOYA and Joy

GOYA Calendar 2018

First Place Champions 2018!

bball2018-1 IMG_5179 IMG_5213

Third Place Champions 2018!

  • Sports Coordinator – Julie Simon and Katherine Gilbride
  • Basketbal– Dr. Tony Patras
  • Volleyball – Amine Kandalaft & Nick Stantzos
  • Greek Dance – Catie Haliyiannis
  • GOMNJ Folk Dance Festival – Despina & George Markos
  • img_3823
  • img_3835



Second Place in 2016 State Championship – BOYS BASKETBALL AND GIRLS VOLLEYBALL

basket 2016
volleyball 2016

ugly sweater dec 15

Ugly Sweater Dec. 2015

Image 4

GOYA 2014-2015

Image 5

GOYA 2014-2015

Kimisis Volleyball Team 2014-2015

Kimisis Volleyball Team 2014-2015

GOYA Christmas Caroling with FR. George 2015

GOYA Christmas Caroling with FR. George 2015

GOYA Christmas Caroling 2015

GOYA Christmas Caroling 2015

Monday nights GOYA dance 7:30 – 9:00 PM – Community Center
Tuesday nights (all year round) 7:00 – 9:00 PM – Volleyball practice – Community Center
Wednesdays & Fridays (during season) 4:00 – 6:30 PM – Basketball practice – Community Center

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